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isSame = CompareMonCal(cal1,cal2,[IGNOREDATE])

Checks if the two calibrations are the same. Useful
for preventing blunders if you have programs that
precompute and save quantities based on monitor calibrations.
In that case, this can be used to ensure that current
calibration matches the one used to do the pre-computing.

Checks date/time, screen, and computer. Could check the
actual data, but that seems like overkill.

9/17/97 pbe Wrote it.
9/18/97 pbe, dhb Modify interface, change name.
1/16/98 dhb Add any around string compares, necessary for desired effect.
1/21/98 dhb Add IGNOREDATE flag.
3/10/98 dhb Change name to CompareMonCal.
7/3/98 dhb, pbe Change for cal.describe format.

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